Dream Catchers for Imani

One afternoon, I began asking the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. Smiles started to spread on their faces and some became shy to tell me. We eventually got answers like pilot, pastor, nurse, chef, and tour guide. I could tell they weren’t asked this question often. This is probably because of the unlikeliness that they would get to be these things. These jobs demand education, and education demands money. There is not enough money to go around Imani to pay for one of these children’s pilot-school or medical school. That night I couldn't sleep. What could I do to make money for the sole purpose to help them make their dreams come true?  I can’t go home and do nothing. I must do something for them. They asked me if I would help them get an education. What would that say if I just ignored that?

Dreams…then it clicked.

Dream catchers!

I can make dream catchers. I can make them and sell them at home and tell people about these kid’s dreams to be, to thrive, and to be their best.

So here is one way you can help make the dreams of the Imani children come true. Visit our Etsy page and purchase a dream catcher. 100% of proceeds go back to the children to help fulfill their dreams.

Dare to Dream in the Children of Imani